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BUYER BEWARE!! The truth behind cheap wood boxes.
Spring is here, a great time for new and exciting products
Aromatic Red Cedar
Sourcing local wood
Differences in Ink - Fountain VS Rollerball


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BUYER BEWARE!! The truth behind cheap wood boxes.

~ The Truth Behind Cheap Wooden Boxes ~

   To open I am happy to be able to bring casual "informal" blogs to my readers here at Acacia Court Wood Works.  After searching online for hours and hours, I could not find anyone or any website that offers blogs about wood!  The art of  working with wood and crafting products ages back thousands of years, far before the age of the internet, automobiles, iPhones (gulp), and even our own country of the United States of America.

Spring is here, a great time for new and exciting products


   Spring is officially here which means Summer is here soon which beings new and exciting things for everyone.  The day is an hour longer, the snow is receding and everyone are noticeably happier.  I love summertime activities such as grilling, swimming in the pool, going to the beach and fishing.  Many things are possible in the summer which are not even feasible in the wintertime.  This is definable my favorite time of the year.

   This time of the year also brings new possibilities

Aromatic Red Cedar

~ Aromatic Red Cedar ~

Did You Know?
Eastern Red Cedar provides cedarwood oil or cedrol, a natural product used in compounding various fragrances and medicines.
Eastern red cedar is important to wildlife, too. It provides birds with cover for nesting and roosting. Its foliage, although low in nutritional value, provides an emergency food supply for wildlife in stress. And its fruit is eaten by many species as a source of fat, fiber, calcium and carbohydrates.

 Aromatic red cedar is a beautiful domestic wood used in many different projects such as decks/patios, chests, stairways and more.

Sourcing local wood

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!!  Feel free to leave your comments below!!


   I believe in supporting local businesses.  In my opinion, by supporting small businesses this is how in a small way we can help stimulate the local economy.   I purchase all of my domestic wood locally in the town my shop is in in efforts to support our local commmunity, and I feel that we should all try and purchase things from are local stores more frequently.

Differences in Ink - Fountain VS Rollerball

I ran across this article on the internet.  Many people have been asking me the difference between Fountian Pens and Rollerball pens.  The most common pen is a ballpoint pen, which is most commonly found in CROSS and PARKER pens.  These pens offer comfortable and reliable writing, but I would like to offer you alternatives aswell.  I personally prefer to write with either Gel Ink or Rollerball because I like the smooth glide across the paper.  Decide for yourself!!

Benifits of buying from small businesses


What are the benefits of buying from a small business?  Many people don't realize the problems that occur when making purchases from large chain stores such as Wal Mart, Sears, or JC Penny for example.  There are many small businesses which are family owned that are struggling to compete with the prices of these huge corporate conglomerates.  The current state of the US economy has forced many to shop at these stores which they would never buy from otherwise.

Bloodwood - Why this wood is a great choice


  Bloodwood is a great looking wood.  If you are looking to make something with a red wood, look no further than bloodwood .  This dark red wood is a favorite among pen owners and box owners alike.  Its color is similar to that of padauk, but has a deeper, richer red that goes very well with darker browns and blacks.   You can compare bloodwood to a crimson phoenix color.  I love making pens from bloodwood, but wear a mask, its dust is a very fine micro powder, which will make your lungs unhappy.

Zebrawood...interesting looking wood


My blog posts will mostly be about the different types of wood, methods of construction of our items, or anything related to woodworking!

I have always been interested in strange and different looking woods.  Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of pine, ash, and red oak, but exotic woods are interesting and strange.  Purpleheart, bloodwood, ebony and zebrawood are some of my favorite types of exotic wood.  

Zebrawood is a very interesting wood.  It can form very nice looking tables, chairs, pens and jewelry boxes.

Purpleheart - A Breif Summary of this awesome wood


Purpleheart is a unique exotic wood found in Central and South America.  The deep purple color makes it is a popular choice for woodturnings, boxes, and even hardwood floors!  I personally think this wood is a great choice to make our handmade pens and pencils.  Jewelry boxes are also a fantastic candidate for purpleheart.  While the color of purpleheart is a deep rich purple, it is extremely important that is used and finished soon after cutting the boards to desired length.

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