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- 1/3/1946 - 11/18/2011 -

This page is dedicated to Frederick Isdepski.  Fred started Acacia Court Wood Works in 1995 and enjoyed every day of woodworking.  Fred's family spent a lot of time in the shop with his father learning the trade and spending quality time together.  This was not a job to Fred, rather  a passion and a career.  He worked in the wood shop almost every day, including the night before he passed away, woodworking truly was his biggest passion, which is reflected in his work.

Fred was also an instructor at Woodcraft for several years.  He taught many classes including basic use of a lathe and band saw, router techniques, making a band-sawn jewelry box and making a pen on a wood lathe.  Many of Fred's pieces were proudly displayed at Woodcraft.

Fred's talent will live on through family, and many more items will be made for years to come!




  ~ Fred with the 8 Cousins ~

~ Fred with his former wife and close friend Donna Isdepski Wagner ~

~ Frederick's Wedding with former wife Donna, Karen Breen, and George and Fay Keddy ~

~ Fred Enjoying the backyard barbecue with his close friends and family ~

Fred also has a daughter Heather and a granddaughter Madison.  One of the last gifts Fred made was a box for Madison for her birthday in september.

Fred was also an avid fisherman,  he spent a lot of time through the years fresh water fishing with his son.   Fred's daughter and Granddaughter also spent quality time fishing with Fred in the recent years.  A lot of Fred's jewelry boxes use fishing as the inspiration.  He always told his son,  it was the "bass chasing the bait"...

The above pictures are at the same location at WESTWOOD YMCA and are 15 years apart.   The picture on the top was taken by his son Chris on September 20th 2011.

The box above is named "Tiogue" for a lake near Fred's home. It's bass fish was the inspiration for the design.  The wood used is Canary and started out as a board 72'' long, which was hand-selected by Fred.  The board was then cut and rearranged for the best overall impact.  After sanding, the boards were laminated, re-sanded, milled and squared.  Fred's own design pattern was then applied, and band-sawn. The back was cut off and the drawers were shaped and then cut out.  The drawer pulls are made from Paduak

The finishing process consists of fine sanding.  Six coats of hand rubbed finish (each taking at least 24 hours to dry) were followed by a final sanding with a very fine 2000 grit sandpaper and hand applied paste wax.  This box was finished in 2002.

Fred graduated from The Rhode Island School of Photography in 1978 and owned and operated a photography studio...which helped him in taking excellent photographs of his creations later on in the wood shop.
Here are a few samples of his earlier photographs from the early days...

Fred was a skilled craftsman, a talented photographer and a unique artist who will be missed be all.  I miss you dad...I will make you proud.